What collies Do - Observations from Cheryl Allerton and Leslie McCormack

Things I didn’t know about collies:

They talk.  My girl dog has got more moans, groans, growls and 3 different kinds of barks to say all different things. 
I understand about half of them but I’m improving.

They are truly snuggle bugs.  BIG snuggles.  They want to be your lap dog, your leg dog and your chest dog if you
are prone and its available to do so.  Laying on you is better than any house floor or couch.  Even if its just to give
your face a washing lick and get up again.

They are a dog that can do what you ask, when you ask and how you ask, even where you ask if you point out the
spot, even if its pee pee’s an poos, getting a toy and bringing it over or eating something they missed on the first
go.  Missed the basket with a piece of paper ask your collie to getit for you so you can try again.  Its retrieving great
fun and you don’t have to get up.

The best reward isn’t food.  The best reward is a chance to be hugged by you. To BE with you, go with you
someplace or make you laugh and smile.

Collies smile on purpose and with consistency.  They drop that lower jaw grin and laugh when you do.  They like to
share in your joys even if it’s something they did in the first place.  You have to be careful with this because if you do
laugh at it once the Collie will do it again just to check if it’s what they did that makes you laugh.  So if its throwing
themselves on the couch onto your lap from 15 feet away you better be ready to catch a second time.  The collie
missile is coming regardless.

If you put up bells on the ‘go outside door’ that ring every time you open it the collie will nose the bells, ring them
and hope the door opens so she can go outside.  This is a very handy thing when you can hear the bells all over
the house and you notice the collie is missing from the pack.  There is but one reason to ring the bells.  Ok two,
Pee and Poos.

They worry.  They really worry about you when you are having a painful day, a bad day or an angry day and they insist on improving said day.  They insist on it so much that if you don’t improve your day they will set up camp beside you until you see fit to feel better.  Period.

Amazing dogs don’t you think?

HUGS, Leslie

All very astute observations, Leslie!  Now you know what we as guardians of the breed know and love about them.
In real life, they are more remarkable than the fictional Lassies who graced the silver screen decades ago.
Here’s a few more things you’ll learn about them:

Collies love to round up everything – you, the neighbors’ kids, chickens and guinea fowl, the barncats, the docile
goats and the cantankerous miniature horses.  In herding you from point A to point B, the hems of your pants make
convenient handles for tugging you in the right direction.

Collies love to check out everything up close and personal.  Whether it’s a cat or a skunk, they have an innate desire
to rub noses with it.  Depending on the other critter’s sense of humor, it may end badly.  Forget about the tomato
juice formula.  It does not work.

Critically ill Collies recover faster – and better – at home than they do at a veterinary hospital.   They do not
understand that you have not abandoned them when you check them in to a veterinary hospital.

Rough-coated Collies sink.  If they are going swimming, but a life jacket on them.

Because Collies naively believe that all humankind is inherently good, they make lousy watchdogs.  Sure, they may
bark when the burglar comes in, but chances are they’ll be glad to help him carry out the big-screen TV and load it
in the getaway van.

Best, Cheryl